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Aftermarket Xplorer LLC is now offering wet end parts for the Tsurumi® Model LH311-W pump in 316ss

Xplorer Parts to fit Tsurumi® Model LH311-W

AX-6217-62  Impeller OEM# 020-E30-11, 6.231″ Dia., 316ss   

AX-6218-62   Casing, OEM# 020-857-15, 316ss   

AX-6219-62  Casing, OEM# 020-856-14, 316ss   

AX-6220-62  Casing, OEM# 020-855-13, 316ss     

AX-6221-62  Casing, Upper, OEM# 020-001-21, 316ss       

AX-6224-99  Bushing, Casing, Model LH311-W, Nitronic 60     

AX-6225-99  Labyrinth Ring, Model LH311-W, Nitronic 60